Diversity And Inclusion

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Striving for diversity and inclusion is something we strive for at Wisconsin, but is this important for businesses to pursue as well? Diversity and inclusion are essential to growth and innovation in any business. Diversity is having employees that come from a wide variety of racial, gender, ethnic, and sexuality backgrounds. Inclusion means that once you have these people in your company that they feel valued and accepted as part of the company with their background. The need for diversity and inclusion is something that is not just a good moral practice for business; it’s good business.
Companies around the country are pouring money into promoting diversity and inclusion in their companies. If they are successful in their promotions there
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Facebook for example has a population that skews heavily towards the white male. Having diversity is a boost to innovation. According to the scientific american article, research from multiple groups and fields have found there to be a link with diverse groups being more innovative than homogeneous groups. This makes sense if each person in a group can bring their own unique experiences and viewpoints to a problem you can expect to have more unique potential solutions to problems. Homogenous groups are also limited by their unconscious biases. The example given in the google blog is of a right handed development team not realizing the issue that left handed users would have with their product. By definition these biases go unnoticed and can be hard to combat but with awareness and mindfulness potentially underrepresented groups these issue can be minimized and the company can be more inclusive to these underrepresented groups. Inclusiveness helps those groups in your company who can be marginalized or go unheard feel welcome. This helps motivate these workers to feel good about their work and get invested in the company. In the Cost of Closeted Employees article it says that closeted employees are less likely to progress up the company
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