Diversity, Diversity And Inclusion, And Smart Risk Taking

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For the successful execution in acquiring Invivo, we need more game changing innovations to allow Stryker to expand additional physicians and distributors network. For this purpose, Invivo’s management should focus on improving top two areas of its culture: diversity and inclusion, and smart risk taking.
Creative thinking and collaboration can be encouraged in diversity and inclusion, and risk taking culture. Diversity means more than skin color or gender like if we are going to hire a bunch of new people, rather it means "diversity of thoughts and ideas." In order to achieve this, the managements need to modify their mission, values, and goals under a strong leadership. Diversity and inclusion are common design elements of innovation in five theories: absorptive capacity, actor-network, agency, attachment, and attribution theories (Miles, 2012).
Cultural Change
Invivo’s culture greatly affects its innovation capabilities. Invivo’s management need to ecognize that thye cannot trade its company’s culture in as if it were a used car. When a company is trying to push through a significant change of acquisition, “it is possible to draw on the positive aspects of culture, turning them to our advantage, and offset some of the negative aspects…A strategy that is at odds with a company’s culture is doomed. Culture trumps strategy every time.”(Katzenbach, Jon R, JULY–AUGUST 2012, Harvard Business Review) In other words, we should match its strategies and culture.…

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