Diversity Is An Important Component Of Team Structure And Forming

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Introduction Diversity is an important component of team structure and forming. Planned or unplanned, diversity is likely an attribute in the overall team composition. Team diversity presents its challenges as teams are commonly assembled with members with different experiences, skills, talents and expertise (Smith, 2014). Organizational diversity has become an increasingly noticeable concern recently due to the modernization of the business culture. Virtualization, decentralization, globalization and a business requirement to create and innovate has forced organizations to explore more diverse teams to produce results. The variability will prove to be challenging and may trigger conflict that must be overcome internally by the team to move forward. This paper examines the importance of properly structuring and forming diverse teams to achieve high performance and success.
One of the critical issues that team-based organizations must resolve in order to perform effectively is formation. Formation involves establishing the team and environment in which they will work, giving it the support it needs to contribute to the organization and be most productive and prosperous (Forrester & Drexler, 1999). Team leaders need to have the latitude to identify and select participants from variable backgrounds. Diversity is a complex and multidimensional term and is defined by demographic variables, experience, attitudes, values, personality, or socioeconomic status

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