Diversity Personal Statement

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My entire existence is a fusion of culture—and that’s the way I see it. As a first generation American, the Mexican culture, traditions, and values instilled in me by my parents infused with the experience and opportunity given to me by my birth country have transformed me into an agent of diversity. I see diversity as not only the color of one’s skin or the background from which a person comes from. Diversity is also a person’s various talents, interests, and opinions. It is where a person has been, where they are now, and where they wish to go. My existence isn't a clash between two opposing forces fighting for dominance, instead it is a blend of who I am and who I wish to become.
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It will give me problem solving skills and show me how things work, beyond knowing how the economy functions.
I decided to take AP Economics my junior year of high school not only because I was told the courses would aid me in AP United States History and Government, but also because when the economics teacher came and talked to my class, she oozed passion about the subject matter she was talking about. I never thought someone could like the dismal science so much. From that point on, I was hooked.
I love economics because it is not only the study of the cyclical nature of money, business, and the economy. I love economics because it also studies human behavior. I enjoy not only seeing the effect of a person's actions, but also the reason behind why they do what they do. In a surprising turn of events, I also found myself content drawing graphs depicting supply and demand and expansionary monetary policy. Having a bachelors in economics will provide me with the skills I need to get into law school and continue my ambition towards helping the oppressed and

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