Diwali And Rituals In Hinduism

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According to the Collings dictionary, a ritual is “a religious service or other ceremony which involves a series of actions performed in a fixed order.” Rituals can be performed individually, which are very common to do them at home, or in community, which is led by a priest or a spiritual leader. They are typically performed exactly the same, some are done once in a lifetime while others are done every week or during festivals every year. Rituals are commonly found in religions and in the following essay, a ritual from every religion given in this class will be explained and tell why it is so important to that specific religion.
In Hinduism, I will be talking about the festival of Diwali and its rituals because I think the whole festival can encapsulate the spiritual significance of this religion than just talking about a single ritual. In this festival, one has a preview of how important is in Hinduism to celebrate the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. Diwali is the biggest festival
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They treat their ancestors with respect and believe that if they are ignored, they will cause them trouble. In Daoism, they slaughter animals and Joss paper believing that when these things are consumed by the fire, they will reappear in the spirit world making it available for the deceased ones. Ancestor Worship plays a huge role in Confucianism, it is one of their primordial rite. Many people tend to forget the ones who passed away because they no longer see them but in these Chinese religions, the deceased ones are just in another world but are still there. Confuciaism gives huge importance to the relationships you have and that is why remembering your dead relatives seems like the essence of this religion. Sacrificing animals and burning gold paper seems like the best way to show that you care for those in the spiritual world and thus helps maintain a strong relationship with
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