Dna Research Paper

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The discovery of DNA began in 1928 when the British bacteriologist Frederick Griffith was performing an experiment with mice based on pneumococcus, a bacterium that causes pneumonia in humans. This bacterium has a capsule made of polysaccharides that has a shiny and smooth appearance, called s-strain. There are mutants of s-strain that do not produce this capsule and form a rough-looking colony called r-strain. Griffith discovered that this mutant did not kill the mice, but if pneumococcus R was mixed with pneumococcus S, the mice would die; this shows that the s-strain contained something capable of transforming R bacteria into pathogens.
Oswald Avery with his colleagues Collin Macleod and Maclin McCarty began to separate the S bacteria …show more content…

At the 1950s Rosalind Franklin was the first woman to obtain an excellent DNA photography using x-ray diffraction. With this photograph she was able to deduce the distribution and distance of the atoms that make up the DNA. Then Janes Watson and Francis Crick had in mind several models of the DNA molecule, but having no type of description they did not know which model was the correct one; The photograph of Franklin was key for Watson and Crick to conclude that the DNA model should have a double helix structure, they also calculated the exact distances between the atoms and the chains that make up the DNA. This provided answers to many questions about genetics background.
The DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid it’s an acid of the nucleus of the cells, where the genetic information is found, it is used in the development and functioning of any living organism and of some viruses. This molecule is responsible for storing information, DNA can be compared as a plan, a code or a recipe, because it contains the instructions needed to build cells and their components, such as proteins and RNA molecules.
The DNA molecule is a double chain of nucleotides that can be divided into ¨bytes¨ of information, that we call genes, and each of these genes come together to create a specific protein. These proteins are those that

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