Do Dreams Hold Meaning?

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Do Dreams Hold Meaning? When you dream, do you ever wonder if your dream holds meaning? Do you wake up in confusion, fear, wonder or feeling content? It seems as though the conversation about dreams and what they mean has blossomed into being a frequent topic of discussion. Have you ever noticed when you walk into a bookstore, there is an entire section dedicated to books about dreams? These books are to answer all of your questions, and solve all of your problems and worries. They are not always written by people who are superstitious, but by psychologists studying the subject. Could be combined Many people find comfort in these books, while others find it ridiculous and unreliable. It is notn’t unheard of to seek out advice about your dreams. For centuries, people have been going to investing in fortune-tellers or paying someoneor psychiatrists to identify interpret dreams for theirthat may reveal their futures. Because of the growing interest (need a transition here) Mmany psychologists have started to ask their patients about their dreams, trying to find an answer that could solve their real-life problems. But, in reality, “the meaning is in the eye of the beholder- not in the dream itself,” (Goleman, 1984). While dreams do hold meaning to the waking life, they are filled with hidden symbolic meanings as interpreted by the dreamer. Many people have the same type of dreams, so when researchers give a broad interpretation of what a certain thing/person/action represents,
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