Do Students Visit The Holman Library Information Desk?

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Do Students Visit the Holman Library Information Desk? Introduction Making appropriate staffing decisions is one of the most important tasks for a manager or of any company. The decision a company makes about staffing their business can have dramatic effects on the quality of their work, their retention rates and level of customer service. Because of this, we would like to investigate whether a sufficient number of staff already exists at the Holman Library of Green River College. It is important to note that we cannot just look at one factor in order to conclude whether a company has sufficient staffing. In fact, the knowledge and skill of the staff, the type of problem that the staff has to solve, and the peak hours of the library, are…show more content…
To ensure randomness on our research, TI-84 calculator was also used to generate random numbers from 1 to 7 that are assigned to every 30 minute time intervals during the day. Procedure A number from one to seven was assigned to seven different 30 minute time intervals during the day. To avoid bias, a TI-84 calculator was used to select the timeframe of observations for each day from Monday to Friday. The first five numbers generated was the timeframes that we used for the observation. The randomly selected time(s) are summarized on Table 1.0 on the right. During the observation, an observer from the group stood in front of the information desk on the first floor of the Holman Library to count how many people came into the library using a tally counter, and how many people first went to the information desk for help by drawing tally on a sheet of paper at the same time. As for the data analysis, the criterion for significance for all data was set at α=0.01. Results The observation that were conducted from October 19th to October 23rd went very well. Sometimes a group of future students who enters the library for a tour would first visit the information desk to get more info about the library. We thought that since this does not happen at a daily basis, their visit would keep us away from getting the accurate result. We were glad that it did not happen during the observation. The bar chart above (bar chart 1.0) summarizes the data that were collected.
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