Do You Agree With Perspective Analysis

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In perspective one it states “our daily encounters no longer require from us basic courtesy, respect, and tolerance for other people.” Which basically means due to technology we aren’t communicating like we used to. People are more into texting instead of calling and talking one on one. Also people do not apologize for bumping into you when they do not pay attention. Technology has made people change so much people don’t even realize it, they would rather stay in and text than go outside and enjoy nature. In my honest opinion, if technology keeps evolving the way it is than people in factories or another place, people will not have jobs. We will end up being like the people on Wall-E. No exercise, always on the phone or some kind of electronic, and eating food out of a cup. We need to slow down the process a little bit and get things back to the way they used to be. It may not be what people want but would you rather live a long happy life or be obese sitting in a chair eating food out of a cup? Please choose wisely.…show more content…
Also it goes more into perspective two how people will lose their jobs but if think about they will need someone to come fix the machine if it does stop working, so not everyone will lose their job but majority of people will. We as people should come together and put a stop to technology evolving before no one has a
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