Documentary Analysis: Food Incorporated

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For my film analysis I selected the film, Food Incorporated. Food Incorporated, is a documentary about the awareness of the food consumed in everyday America. This documentary makes the clear thesis statement that what Americans consider to be food, is not actual food. In other words, the food most Americans consume are processed and artificial. The producers of the film interview several farmers around the country. These farmers told everything they could without getting in trouble with their partnering company, about the harsh realities of food. Farming is a fading work field, becoming overruled by factories and machines. Companies that are soaring in prosperity do not want farmers letting the people know what is happening behind the scenes. They do not want their loyal customers to be shown what the animal they are eating was brutally put through, for their enjoyment. Looking deeper into the new food chain of fast food, do we actually know where the food…show more content…
At this point in the documentary it speaks to a woman named Barbara Kowalcyk, who loss the life of her two-year-old son to E Coli. According to, E Coli is a bacteria commonly found in the intestines of humans or animals. In this case, two-year-old Kevin ate a hamburger patty and died twelve days later. When you feed cows corn, it makes them ill. Yet, companies still insist of the overgrowth of their animals. Their need of money over the health of their customers. The movies last point comes to why healthy food is so expensive, whereas chemical-based foods are cheap. One in three Americans born after the year 2000, have diabetes. The world is going downhill due to obesity, and that is because the foods that aid the gain weight are cheap. They are ideal price and addicting. Whereas if you wanted fresh vegetables or fruit, you are paying a higher price for something that isn’t as
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