Does High Job Satisfaction Increase Performance?

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Job satisfaction is a variable and arguable matter of which it has been given a number of definitions by different author’s world -wide. Locke (1976, p.1304) describes job satisfaction as "a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the apprajsa1o f one's job or job experiences". In other words reaching or achieving job satisfaction has a great deal to do with employees having a positive attitude towards their specific roles within the work place i.e. one employee may feel satisfaction when it comes to their job where-as another employee may not particularly feel the same way given the exact same job. Thus having a positive attitude regarding any type of job/task is an example of one achieving job satisfaction. In this paper we shall discuss whether implementing high levels of job satisfaction helps increase employee’s level of performance. The issue of job satisfaction within the work place and amongst employees has become a major topic/issue in companies all over the world whether in small/big companies it is important that the staff are satisfied and or happy as their level of satisfaction may have an impact on the successfulness of the company as well as customer and employee loyalty. West (www, also backs this up by saying ‘your employees are the backbone of your business. If they are unhappy, under trained, or unable to do their job correctly, your company's success suffers’. As we stated earlier on this topic is wide in its definition on
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