Job Satisfaction Information Technology Professionals

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Job Satisfaction in Information Technology Professionals Job satisfaction is very critical for both workplace growth as well as employee’s growth, but if the employee is not happy what he or she is doing, than that would hurt employee’s performance, and hurt employer’s well-being. Information technology has become one of the most prominent sectors in employing employees as well as creating new jobs in the markets all around the world. It seems like Information Technology has taken over all the fields of work out there. Along with the growth in the Information Technology in the market, the professionals have not grown in the same ratio. As the field of employment has grown, Information Technology workers job satisfaction is a very …show more content…

One of the studies conducted at a company by McMurtrey, Grover, Teng, & Lightner discusses how deploying automation tools to assist the computer professionals affects in the job satisfaction to reduce job turnover (McMurtrey, Grover, Teng, & Lightner, 2002). Shortage of information technology professionals has always existed. The technology in terms of both hardware and software is developing at a speed of light, and along with the development technology is integrated to every part of our lives. Whether it is big or small home appliance, or tools and hardware, they are getting automated. At this day and age of automation and simplicity, to find skilled employee in the designated field is like searching for a needle in a haystack, and losing a dissatisfied employee is not a company wishes for. The study argues that the companies are giving higher pay, providing employee perks and even extra, deploying automation tools to assist the computer programmers in software development life cycle in order to increase job satisfaction in IT professionals (McMurtrey, Grover, Teng, & Lightner, 2002). The purpose of the study is to identify what increases job satisfaction in information technology workers in different level, and the study evaluates based on two hypotheses. The study evaluates career orientation in job satisfaction and impact of implementation of Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) in job satisfaction (McMurtrey, Grover, Teng, & Lightner, 2002).

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