Dog Descriptive Essay

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Reese is furry, friendly, strong, playful, energetic, loyal, and most of all misjudged. Reese is a rescue pitbull. Our stories conjoined on a dreary Sunday morning; the night before it had been storming and the skies remained grey with small rays of light peeking through. Furthermore, it was that time of day where the sun has been up for a little while, yet no one is quite fully awake. Drowsily, I watched the trees and fields pass through the smudged window of the backseat of our family car. Simultaneously, the sounds from the radio entertained me as we drove down the interstate, we were on our way home from visiting family in Cincinnati for the Labor Day weekend. It was the typical boring car ride everybody sits through up until we all noticed something. “What is that?” My mom, brother, and I all thought to ourselves. Suddenly the question was answered.

“Is that a stray dog on the side of the road?” My brother questioned aloud.

“I believe so.” My mom returned.

I pleaded for us to pull over, I wanted to see the sorrowful dogs situation. My mom relentlessly pulled the car over to the side of the highway and we trotted in the direction of the lonely dog. My feet squished through the muddy grass and I wrapped my arms around myself as the breeze came through. As we became closer it was obvious this dog had been here a while and was in sickening condition. Her fur was still wet and her fragile frame was quivering. Therefore, we agreed to take her with us back to

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