Dolce And Gabbana Essay

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INTRODUCTION Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxury brand founded by the Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in the year 1985. The clothes of the two designers are known globally and are presented regularly through various advertisements and fashion shows. Interestingly, Dolce & Gabbana do not use an advertising company, they use ‘in-house’ advertising which gives the company more control over the ideas and intentions. The brand targets a rather young age group, ranging from 20-25 years, which they optimally target through using the ‘need for sex and aesthetic sensation’. Also, the target audience includes innovators, trendsetters and people who enjoy freedom and irony in fashion (“Dolce and Gabbana’s target audience: 20-25.”). They gain their fame and fortune by being a globally recognized and appreciated brand, however, although they are known for high quality clothes, their image as a high-fashion and luxurious label often gets critique from the media due to their intensive use of controversy in advertising campaigns. One of the most controversial ones was the …show more content…

The reports claim that Dolce & Gabbana have taken it too far this time and crossed a line by breaking taboos and were offensive. The question that the media asked the public was if this is high-fashion couture artistic, or rape glorified in a frame. In addition to the fact that the media attacked the label, female organizations and activist groups ripped the campaign to shreds, which ultimately also caused the publications of it to be stopped and be banned. The President of the National Organization for Women, whose name is Kim Gandy, released a statement quoting that “the ad indisputably promotes violence against women and has put it at the top of their Web site’s page of offensive advertisements” ("DOLCE AND GABBANA

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