Dome Of The Rock

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) What is the name of your pilgrimage site? The name of my pilgrimage site is called “The Dome of the Rock.” 2) Where is the attraction located? The Dome of the Rock is located on King Faisal Street, In Jerusalem Israel. 3) Can you make a pilgrimage at any time or does it need to be on a certain day to coincide with a celebration/ceremony/time of year? The hours of operation of the Dome of the Rock, for non-Muslim are Sun - Thurs 7:00 to 11:00, 13:30 to 14:30. When you arrive for your pilgrimage you must be able to follow strict regulations. Non-Muslims are allowed access to the Temple Mount from the ramp to the right of the Western Wall, and are not allowed in the Dome of the Rock or the Al Aksa Mosque. Non-Muslims are also not allowed…show more content…
The hours of operation of the Dome of the Rock, for non-Muslim are Sun - Thurs 7:00 to 11:00, 13:30 to 14:30. 7) What language do they speak at that part of Jerusalem? The citizens of Jerusalem would speak two different languages. The Muslims would speak Arabic, and the non-Muslims would speak Hebrew. 9) Is the region where the Dome of the Rock located safe for Non-Muslims, and Westerns? The region that the Dome of the Rock is located in, is safe for the Non-Muslims, as long as they visit at certain hours of the day. 10) Are there any traditions in the region that I should know about? Major traditions for this pilgrimage is that in the Dome of the Rock, a non-Muslim is not allowed to pray on the Dome’s ground, silently or out loud. Religious holiday starts with reading prayers. This is an important ritual that is trusted to the eldest member of a family. Once a prayer is finished, it is continued by a lavish feast. All close friends and acquaintances should be present at such celebrations. One more ancient tradition encourages people to give up their everyday affairs and concerns for the celebration of the…show more content…
Residents of this region, accept westerns at certain times of the day. If you are a non-Muslim, and you are seen in that region, during the nonacceptable hours, it could become extremely dangerous. 12) Identify internet sites that will help you plan your trip. Include at least three links and a one sentence description of the each link that will help you plan your trip. It may even be the official web-site for the actual pilgrimage site or the tourism office for that area. It may be helpful to Google “Pilgrimage to ____ “ or “Virtual Pilgrimage “ The answer to this question is located in Question 13. 13) List the URL’s and one sentence description for each: This internet site, gives you a virtual tour of the attraction. It also gives a verbal history of what to expect, while you are there visiting the site. This internet site can be used to help locate a package for your travel. Your destination would be Jerusalem Israel back to Cleveland Ohio. For a 17 day trip they were able to find me a round trip package that would include the plane flight and hotel for $2305.52.
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