Domestic Salmon: Case Study

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• There was a last minute change to the Definition of Domestic Salmon.
• There were last minute changes to the signatory page.
• At one time I was in contact with the printer for a revised quote; I initiated the discussion how and when to give them the acid free paper for the signatory pages.
• I was also involved in discussions with Corporate Services to ensure we have the go ahead to print a large number of binders needed for the House of Commons for introduction. We needed to consider a lot of details and plan accordingly as this was a large volume job and our own resources were insufficient.
• I designed the label for the CD (to be also produced in-house) using the same artwork and fonts from the covers of the Final Agreement books.
• At
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• I devised a proposed solution.
• I met with the manager of Information Management and the current TAG NW classifier to present the solution and it was approved.
• I met with the TRM team and manager to present the solution to them.
• I was eager to hear their comments and suggestions on how and over what time to implement the changes.
• After discussing the proposed recommendation the manager approved and the project was completed.
Result: The transition was completed. Record retrieval and sharing with other teams was improved as a result of this effort.

As a Classification/Research Specialist and currently as Administrative Assistant I apply on a daily basis all relevant requirements of current legislation, directives, policies and practices in the administration of records and information holdings. I am also responsible for providing guidelines and interpretation of the policy to program officers and other employees as requested. This includes advice regarding the security level of a document, the extent to which information can be shared between and across departments to avoid duplication while respecting the privacy or supporting the Information Management Policy guideline of government records. I also use my knowledge of regional, departmental and central agency statutes, regulations, policies and procedures governing the ATIP process when evaluating and releasing information to individuals or groups external to INAC and other government
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