Domestic Violence in India

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“Holding dreams within her soul
Tattered wings, on which she’d once so flown
Battered life, it had come and gone
Come now, Rescue her self, so lone
Lift her up on her rightful throne
She need not shed those tears anymore
Make a heaven her own home
It’s her claim
Hers to have earned.”


A country whose national personification lies in that of the Mother Goddess ‘Bharat Mata’, whose citizens chant ‘Jai Mata Di’ with more vehemence than dancing on their own weddings, it is more than impossible to envision the horrific state of the women of this country.
Marriage for an Indian woman is not just the love and bonding with her husband it is about building strong bonds with every member of her husband’s family, when an Indian
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Alcoholic husbands in India beat their wives for multiple reasons, for demanding their wives to provide them with money to drink from the meager and inadequate funds that they have to spend on their families, for stopping their wives from nagging them for drinking too much and influencing the children wrongly.

Social Norms in Beating

Indian society is a highly patriarchal society and has always given men more rights over women. In such situations the woman begins to feel helpless and her life meaningless, this instigates the husband to feel more powerful and dominant. Moreover economically backward and illiterate families have the problems of bad relationships between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, where the husband siding with his mother, finds it right to hit his wife to teach her a lesson.

Reaction of Women to Domestic Violence

a) Passively

A passive woman says nothing and allows the abuse to continue. She becomes the abuser’s enabler. She grows weaker and allows the abuser to grow stronger. Her passivity prolongs the loss of her own honor and dignity, and encourages the abuse to continue.

b) Aggressively

An abused woman has every right to be angry at her husband, but far too often, her righteous anger deteriorates into a sinful rage that seeks revenge. Her response might include anything from filing for divorce to using
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