Dominos Case Analysis Essay

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Strategic Profile and Case Analysis Purpose Dominoes was found in 1960 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Domino’s Pizza Inc. is the market leader in the United States pizza delivery and second largest pizza company in the world based on number of units. The company offers a wide variety of pizza products as well as pasta, bread sticks, boneless chicken and wings, desserts and soft drinks. As of the beginning of this year, 2012, Domino’s had 394 company-owned stores and 4,513 franchised Domino’s units in the U.S. and 4,835 franchised stores internationally. Domino’s strategy is to use its superior supply-chain to provide its franchises with lost cost inputs so the franchises may focus on sales and service. Through the online …show more content…

Technology will assist in developing the firms’ strategies and strategic competiveness. | Global | More and more industrialized countries are emerging. Current and potential political events can affect the potential growth of Domino’s. | Physical | Creating and using products that are bio-gradable and promoting recycling can save Domino’s money, and differentiate themselves from their competitors. |

Industry analysis:
The restaurant industry was projected to have $604 Billion sales in 2011, which is approximately 4 percent of the projected total GDP of the United States according to the estimate from National Restaurant Association. The industry has been expanding since the 1960s, mainly due to the boom of quick service restaurants such as Yum! Brands Inc. and McDonald’s. The long term expansion of the restaurant industry is expected to continue as the major players in this industry are focusing on providing healthier and less expensive food for both Americans and customers’ abroad. The restaurant industry provides two categories of services: fast food and full-service restaurant. The fast food restaurants mainly serve products including sandwiches, and pizza. Those restaurants attract customers by offering

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