Donald Trump's Influence On American Politics

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Throughout history, politics has been a very important aspect in our lives. This black and white photograph features two middle-aged, well-dressed males holding up three angelic tiger cubs. One of these two men has a genuine smile and is lost looking at the two pups, however the other has a smile that one can definitely can tell is being stiffened. His eyes have the look of terror in them. It really makes me wonder: “At what event was this photograph taken?” The large, American Flag background leads me to assume that it was taken at some sort of political rally with possible Presidential candidates. The outdated suit the man on the left is wearing makes me guess that this photo was taken circa 1990. I feel that this photo really shows how important the image of the politician is during the political season. …show more content…

These things include holding babies, having their writers write inspiring speeches, having photos taken at various charity events, and many more. They do anything to get the vote. Take in example the 2016 Presidential election. Donald Trump began his campaign race with a no tolerance stance on illegal immigration, announcing the idea of building a wall between the United States and Mexico, and closing legal immigration boarders. Donald Trump just recently met with the President of Mexico and completely changed his immigration stance because of the mass criticism he received from the public. This is just one example of how far politicians will go just to the votes they need. Nevertheless, I feel this photograph is an accurate representation of politics in this day in

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