Doublespeak: Unhealthy Food To Children

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Major food companies spend billions of dollars every year to market unhealthy food to children. Today, children are more obese than they have ever been before. According to research proposed in 2012, nearly one third of children are obese (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Doublespeak is a method that is used to confused of manipulating words into nonsensical, made-up phrases to make the bad sound good, the excruciating sound acceptable, and the good stuff seem so much better (William Lutz). Doublespeak comes with the expense of children’s health by making them more susceptible to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Doublespeak is the manipulative strategy that helps businesses make their money. However,…show more content…
Children are exposed to roughly twenty-seven food advertisements per day on television (Schor). That number does not include the many other forms of advertisements children are objected to every day. One of the most popular and effective methods of marketing is by using cross-promotional techniques. Toys, giveaways, and packages are commonly used in cross-promotional activities by associating junk food with movie and cartoon characters. McDonalds is arguably one of the most successful corporations at selling products to children and can credit most of their success to the toys that accompany a Happy Meal. Children are encouraged to purchase Happy Meals multiple times in order to collect all of the toys in the series. Cereal brands are also recognized for including movie related prizes with the purchase of a box of cereal. Packages sometimes offer premiums and giveaways to trips relating to movies. The partnership between movies and junk food brands turn movies into advertisements themselves. The movies will have product placement at eye level to children in a partner ship. Product placement can take place by mentioning a product name or showing the brand. Another popular method of cross-promotional activities is by associating cartoon characters with snack foods. Macaroni cheese shaped like SpongeBob, fruit snacks shaped like Scooby Doo, and Jimmy Neutron shaped crackers are not uncommon. Children have reportedly argued that food tastes better when it is in the shapes of cartoons (Consuming
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