Dr. Bree 's Organizational Behavior Class About Emotional Intelligence ( Ei )

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PeopleSmart was an organized summary of everything taught in Dr. Bree’s Organizational Behavior class about emotional intelligence (EI). Since I am a person who enjoys lists and processes I enjoyed the systematic approach of learning, trying and living each of the skills. (Although I have to include, that having recently participated in Dr. Bree’s class, I was put-off from doing any of the self-evaluations found in the beginning.) I’m always looking for nuggets of information to help explain why I behave in certain ways and there were many of those in this book. Incorporating true-to-life examples of how each skill works in practice, both in a work environment as well as within personal relationships, illustrated clearly the points made in each chapter. Following up these examples with a method of improving in each area and common excuses preventing the implementation of these new skills was very beneficial and I often felt they addressed a specific resistance I had. I also appreciated the validation of my belief about interacting with other people. The author, in his preface, stated unequivocally that “Next to faith in God, I came to the conclusion that the best source to place your faith is in other people.” That is a rare statement but one with which I am in complete agreement. I too am a survivor of cancer and possibly it is in those kind of life threatening situations that you are especially blessed to find the good in people. Investing time in learning how to better

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