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Dr. Karen Buhr, PhD is the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of Bellevue Hospital; a large, a not-for-profit hospital located in New York City. After two weeks of working in the public sector, she misses the benefits of a seemingly endless cash flow available when working in a world renowned, private academic hospital. Bellevue Hospital has been in deficit for the past two years and patient satisfaction regarding care is at an all-time low. Her first task is to develop and implement cost saving measures for the clinical services provided. She has met with clinical and administrative leaders to identify potential savings and other opportunities for improvement. However, she has hit a road block. How …show more content…

Historically, Bellevue is a pioneer in the realms of public health, medical science and education. The hospital is home to the nation’s first maternity ward, nursing school, ambulance service and the more recent establishment of the first cardiac catheterization laboratory, dedicated unit for alcoholics and first cardiopulmonary laboratory. Originally founded in an unsettled section of Manhattan two miles north of Wall Street, the hospital began as a six bed infirmary used to quarantine the sick. Today, the hospital comprises of a 25-story facility consisting of 861 general medical and 339 psychiatric beds.

Bellevue’s mission statement is, “To provide high-quality, comprehensive health services to all New Yorkers, regardless of the ability to pay” ( The vision statement for Bellevue is, “To be a patient-centered, acute care facility in support of primary care initiatives” ( In order to fulfill both the mission and vision statements, the Health and Hospital’s Corporation has established the “Six Guiding Principles” upon which each staff member is to base their actions upon: keep patients first, keep everyone safe, work together, pursue excellence, manage resources, and keep learning. (

Bellevue is the major safety net provider to New York City areas including Southern Manhattan, Northern Brooklyn, and Western Queens. The age range of the patients served is evenly distributed. Hispanics and blacks

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