Strategic Planning At Mount Sinai Medical Center

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Without strategic planning, several things can go wrong including missing out on great opportunities. Strategic planning is an organization’s outline to help achieve its purpose. Although strategic planning begins at the top of the pyramid, it is more effective when it is carry out as a whole among other in the organization. Having a good internal control system in place protects an organization from high risk, fraud, and more. Jackson Memorial Hospital has several weaknesses which are similar to its competitors and other health care organizations. For instance, Mount Sinai Medical Center one of Jackson Memorial’s competitors, encountered lack of strategic planning that led to many issues such as with readmissions, surgical complications, …show more content…

Black (2001) stated that when creating strategy, organizations must create innovative strategy; a strategy to win (p. 1). Due to many changes in health service organizations’ internal and external environment, planning can be sometimes onerous (Longest & Darr, 2008, p. 366). Therefore, a well thought strategic plan will guide leaders and keep them focus on the organization’s mission. In health service organizations, strategic planning is emanated at the top level of the pyramid, then pass down to others in leadership positions (Longest & Darr, 2008, p. 366). A strategic planning process consists of many steps: a situational analysis, external environment analysis, internal environment analysis, strategy formulation, strategic implementation, and strategic control. As mentioned before, health service organization faced many challenges, a strategic planning not only helps with planning, controlling, and decision making, but it also allows management to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats. Again, the strategic planning process has proven to be effective when implemented by the entire organization.
Research on Lack of Internal Control The Internal control system plays an integral role in an organization’s success, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, and regardless of size. As health care organizations becoming more

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