Dr Marie Tooth Dystrophy ( Cmt ) Is A Disease That 's Unrecognized Among The Public

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Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) is a disease that’s unrecognized among the public, I want to make people aware of CMT. I find it extremely important to spread awareness and aware people about its crippling conditions because it’s an untreated disease leaving so many people affected, feeling hopeless as they lose their ability to move and feel their body while their mind remains strong. Not only are there possibilities of having this disease affect you at some point in your life, but they’re chances of it affecting your love ones. I believe educating our general audience on; what this disease is, how it’s affecting us as a population, and what we can do ourselves to treat it and control it, could potentially make it a no-longer life disabling …show more content…

CMT can be passed down by sex-linked chromosomes or it can be passed down through autosomal inheritance. Either way, CMT is a mutation of proteins required for the peripheral nervous system. If it’s sex-linked it means the disease is carried on the female sex chromosome X, never on the Y male chromosome. If it’s autosomal it means it’s carried in the DNA, on the genetic chromosomes. It can be recessive, needing two pairs of bad alleles, one from each parent, or it could be dominant only needing one allele from either parent. There are cases where people were affected carrying only one recessive allele, like men for instance (MDA, 2017), where males only have one X, if their X chromosome is a faulty one, it could be missing genetic information it needs to keep rebuilding proteins the body requires for reproduction of those crucial proteins. CMT can pop up and affect anyone at any given time in life, you could live with CMT your whole life and never know you have it, or you could find out you’re a carrier for CMT after you’ve passed it on to your offspring (Al-Thihli, K et al. 2012). As you can tell CMT is passed down through inheritance, we are the cause of the continuing cases for CMT, and we still don’t have a cure to treat the prior cases. It seems the disease is only continuing to be carried in more forms as we diagnose more people and disclose more cases (Vallat, Jean-Michel, 2003).

CMT leaves the mind in tack while deteriorating the

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