Dramatic Changes in New Media

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In fact, the development and availability of new media is arguably the most revolutionary change in our societies progress to develop and expand knowledge in all areas of expertise.
New media refers to “on demand access to content anytime, anywhere, on any digital device, as well as interactive user feedback, and creative participation. Another aspect of new media is the real time generation of new and unregulated content” (New Media, Wikipedia). Although the most familiar example of new media is the Internet and websites, it also includes computer multimedia, video games, DVDs, and all sorts of streaming data sources. These allow user interaction in a completely different manner than the “old media”, such as television, movies, and printed material (newspapers, books). All of this has become increasingly possible over the past few years as advances in science and technology have enabled increasingly rapid movement of data to multiple different device platforms. In today’s society, nearly every person has almost constant access to a data device. This leads to data’s impact to be magnified many times than with previous old technology. One’s ideas as expressed by digital data can expand exponentially through these existing data networks. This allows the author of the ideas to expand the reach of his data to include…
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