Dress And Identity

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Dress and appearance can be used to symbolize and convey a lot about a person. In the U.S, dress is a way that we can communicate our gender, social class, career choice, culture and much more. One of the ways we do this is through social location. Social location is a concept that we use to determine a person’s place within their community. Some components that establish and influence ones social location include level of education, socio-economic status, their race, and gender. Our social location or our “location in life” determines how we are treated and affected by aspects in society and also allows us to form different views based on the location that you are categorized as. Some factors in our social location cannot be changed such as our race, however we can change things such as our level of education and social status. We use dress as a significant indicator of what social location a person belongs to. One can establish a higher social location though dress and appearance by wearing high-end brands, driving expensive cars, portraying a lavish lifestyle through social media, having a college degree, and by having a white-collar career. Along with social location, ones status and social class can be easily communicated through dress. Our society has created a hierarchical system based on income levels, level of education and accumulated wealth. People in the higher class consist of fashion leaders and early adopters. They are known to wear the hottest trends as soon

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