Drown, By Junot Diaz

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“I usually make a fortune on Saturdays, selling to those kids going down to Belmar or out to Spruce Run.” (Drown). The narrator, Yunior, in the story Drown by Junot Diaz is a drug dealer and does not want anyone to recognize him so that he may uphold a positive image. Unlike Yunior in “Drown” the narrator in the poem What Work Is by Philip Levine depicts the struggles men and women face when trying to obtain honest work. “We stand in the rain in a long line waiting at Ford Highland Park, for work” (What Work Is). The two-literary works both suggest one must live a life of chance when work is hard to come by.
Class is an apparent feature of any society, especially in the United States. Americans tend to overlook at times that there …show more content…

He appears to resent his father for the way he treats his mother, yet still wants a relationship with him. He is self-aware and witnesses the struggles that people like him go through every day in their lives of poverty and drug abuse. The neighborhood shapes the life of Yunior, so it plays an important role in the story. Most of the anxiety is caused by the fact that he cannot leave his neighborhood, because of possible fears of the outcome once he is in the outside world. The pool is another great setting as it is described in a way that is like the neighborhood where the Yunior lives, "The water feels good... while everything above me is loud and bright, everything below is whispers..." this quote coincides with the fact that the Yunior is trapped, but he'd rather stay below than come up and see the outcome of him leaving for the outside world like Beto. The author titled the work “Drown” to refer to Yunior as drowning in his life without a career or future.
At times, one can wonder what drives a person not to want more from life. Yunior is an unmotivated young man, who appears to not have much going for him. He does not have people who encourage him to work hard, or do something better with his life. The people he surrounds himself with are not of good influence on him. “Me and Beto used to steal like mad from these places, two, three hundred dollars of shit in an outing.” (Drown). Only knowing a life of wrong doings.

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