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Griselda Blanco was born on February 15, 1943 in Cartagena, Colombia. As a little girl her mother Ana Lucia Restrepo raised her in a city called Medellin in which is located in Colombia. At age 11 Griselda, allegedly kidnapped, tried to ransom, and eventually shot a child from an upscale flatland neighborhood near her own slum neighborhood. At age 14 she was reported to have run away from home and she stated that her mother was physically abusive. Since she run away from home at an early age she resorted to prostitution. Around the age of 20 she meet Carlos Trujillo and had three sons Dixon, Uber, and Osvaldo. Later on she remarried and had a fourth son with Alberto Bravo who then decided to move to the United States. Around the 1970s and …show more content…

The plot might have actually gone through if Griselda’s boyfriend Charles Cosby not alerted the FBI of her intentions. The plot fell through and Griselda ended up finishing her sentence of 20 years. Griselda Blanco murdered her first husband Alberto Bravo including his bodyguards. She was convinced that Alberto had stolen millions in profits from their shared empire so she met Alberto and his bodyguards in a parking lot armed only with a pistol. They started to argue to the point where Griselda took the pistol out, shot Alberto several times, took the Uzi out of his waistband and then preceded to shot down the six other men in Alberto's entourage. She was wounded in the fight but overcame her injuries, Alberto and his six buds died. This was a milestone in Griselda’s cocaine career as she murdered not only her husband but also one of her biggest competitors. Griselda also used violent tactics against her enemies and competitors and because of her psychological fearless personality she eventually was able to become the top selling distributor in the United States at that time. Her distribution of cocaine brought into the United States made her a salary of 80 million dollars per month. There are many films and documentaries related to her and her career one of the most widely well-known films is called cocaine cowboys. It was said that she initially got into the cocaine business with her second husband Alberto bravo in the 1970s and moved to queens, New York

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