Drug Testing For High Schools And Middle Schools

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Persuading kids to not do drugs is a tough subject to approach as parents and teachers. When it comes to kids being unhappy, they will more than likely hear that drugs bring happiness to them. With drug testing involved in high schools and middle schools. The students should see that it is no longer an option to do drugs in order for their own self happiness. Students can result to other options that are more acceptable to society, and not to mention activities that are legal. Although these kids may not think the best about the idea of drug testing; consequently, it will have to force them to find happiness by participating in sports, getting a job or socializing with their peers. Students can be brought true happiness by participating in sports. Instead of doing drugs. With the Drug tests, stopping them they will be forced to participate in extracurricular actives. For an example of someone who failed drug tests and realized they were no longer worth it, due to the happiness football caused him to have, Randy Moss an incredible athlete who made it all the way to the Football Hall of Fame. Randy according to Des Bieler who wrote an article on Moss on his 30 for 30 films on ESPN. Said that Moss use to smoke blunts before games in his early teen years; consequently, Moss got caught almost right away in the beginning of his college career because there was no drug tests in high school. If he would have not of been caught and drug tested Moss could have ended up addicted to
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