Drug Use Is Not Something That Just Happens Overnight

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Drug use is not something that just happens overnight. There are many things that led up to a person deciding they want to try a drug for the first time. It might be that they were exposed to it at an early age and perceived it to be the norm to use them. They might have experienced peer pressure at a party or just wanted to fit in with a certain crowd. Or they may have gotten a prescription for one and liked the high they felt when they were on it so they wanted to find a way to continue feeling that same high. Each situation is different, and the drugs that were most likely used in each scenario are also going to be different. A drug that is rather common for someone to be exposed to from an early age is cocaine. Cocaine is classified as a stimulant and while its use is not as high as it was in the 60s and 70s, there is still plenty of use still today. A young child will not understand exactly what cocaine is, but if they are subjected to watching people use it their curiosity will be sparked.
Cocaine comes from the leaves of the coca plant and is a rather extensive process to create the end product that is used in drug form. A very basic analysis of the production goes something like this. The first stage is to finely chop the leaves and dust them with lime or carbonate salt along with a small amount of water. Once the cocaine has been extracted, the liquid is heated to remove any wax from the coca leaves, and then filtered to separate it from the vegetable matter. The…

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