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Speech on Drugs

Paracetamol, Marijuana, Aspirin, Cocaine, Heroin... all these fancy words, what are they all, Yes they are drugs all different types of drugs. All of which have a different affect on our body, OK some more then others but they all do the same, change the way the body reacts. Before i continue let me introduce my self. My name is Muhammad Mulla and i would like to thank all of you for coming today to educate yourself towards drugs and there effect.

Let me start of by telling you about drugs in general, drugs are chemical substances which have an effect on your body. There are 2 types of drugs Illegal and legal, legal drugs are ones such as paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen and many many many more.... But today i’m not
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Also you may get memory loss.

Marijuana can distort perception which may leave you unable to hear properly, see properly and may make you lose track of time, also it can make you feel anxiety, fear, distrust and make you panic.

Cocaine changes numerous aspects of the body it can dilate your pupils, increase body temperature and increase heart rate and blood pressure. In the long term it can cause irregular heart attacks, chest pain and cause severe strokes.

Heroin - personally i think this is the worst out of the 4, because it can stop you breathing and can kill you instantly. That is it, there is nothing much more about heroin.

Well now that you know the effects of these drugs do you think you’ll be taking these drugs? Well i’ll tell you now i certainly wouldn’t be. I think the best way to prevent any of this happening is to not do it at all and stick to the legal drugs that can cure illnesses.

That’s it thats the end of my speech i hope you all have more understanding and an increased knowledge of drugs and i hope you choose the right path for you

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