Dunkin Donuts Case Study

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Strategic Management and Strategic Competiveness

Martha Torres
BUS499 Business Administration Capstone
Strayer University

Dunkin’ Donuts Case
Dunkin’ Donuts is a global company dealing in coffeehouses and donuts that has its roots in the USA. It was founded by William Rosenberg in the year 1950 in the locality of Quincy in Massachusetts. It is currently based in Canton in Massachusetts. The company is a very relatable success story since it has been able to grow over the years and becoming one of the greatest and most loved stop for coffee and baked goods. Furthermore, it has over 12,000 outlets in 36 countries across the world. The donuts company most common chain of products are bagels, coffee, donuts and a variety of both iced and hot beverages. The primary competitor for this company is Starbucks followed by the Honey Dew Donuts Company (Rangaswamy, 2007). This essay is going to discuss into detail the effects of globalization and technology on Dunkin’ Donuts, determine how the company could earn above-average returns using industrial organization and resource-based models, the impact of mission and vision statements and lastly, how all types of stakeholders affect the company’s performance.
First off, globalization has increased the global presence of the company. The company has been proudly serving its customers in over 3100 stores in the USA only for over 40 years now. Furthermore, going global and opening outlets in 36 other countries has

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