During My Applied Learning Experience I Participated In

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During my applied learning experience I participated in a third grade math class at Houston Elementary located in Mineral Wells, Texas. This school homes 567 students, with 383 of those being economically disadvantaged. Houston Elementary School is a Public school that serves second and third grade.
Jensen’s seven critical factors were incorporated all throughout my applied learning experience with my tutee; from both the homeroom teacher and I. I kept my tutee engaged by using activities that were relevant to what they were learning about. Repetition was addressed by exposing my tutee to problem that would likely be on the STAR assessment when we worked on the practice packet to build confidence in solving problems. The students took …show more content…

My most valuable takeaway from my applied learning experience is that not everything goes according to plan and that is not something to be discouraged by. As future educators you must just regroup and change your approach of explaining in a way the student will best comprehend. I took away valuable knowledge from this applied learning experience; before my applied learning experience I always hoped I would get lucky and be placed with another subject besides math but after my field experience I am open to teaching mathematics. I greatly enjoyed the classroom I experienced and look forwards to having one of my own. My least valuable takeaway from this experience is that students dread worksheets, every time students had to work on their packet they always signed and tried to waste time before they would get started. This is my least valuable take away because I already knew students dread worksheets and although sometimes they are necessary they should not be used excessively.
Part 2: Applied Learning Experience Reflections
Throughout my college courses, Speech, English, and Learning Frameworks. From these classes I have gained valuable practical knowledge to prepare me for my course load in EDUC 3320. My speech class enhanced my aptitude for speaking to my peers as well as my confidence in doing so; before taking speech I was always apprehensive about public speaking because I had an

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