Dynamic Learning Program

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The CVIF Dynamic Learning Program: Achieving Performance Targets with Strategic and Efficient Learning
Christopher C. Bernido and M. Victoria Carpio-Bernido Research Center for Theoretical Physics Central Visayan Institute Foundation Jagna, Bohol 6308 Philippines

Central Visayan Institute Foundation

In Jagna, Bohol, Philippines

The original CVIF strategic plan (circa 1999)
• Focus on outcomes indexed by real numbers: UPCAT passers, national exams and, if possible, international behavioral standards and assessments. • Leapfrog with increased math proficiency, then do broadfront with language and science.

Early roadblocks
• Poor facilities • Lack of qualified teachers • Lack of funds • Prevailing lack of sense of urgency nor need for
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Kandel, James H. Schwartz and Thomas M. Jessell

Distinction between learners being “behaviorally dynamic” or “cognitively dynamic”

See e.g., Mayer, R. E. (2004). American Psychologist 59, No. 1, 14-19.


Global Trends #2 :

CVIF-DLP’s Response:
Development of a good learning ethos over content coverage.
 Writing slows the students down allowing more time for the brain to absorb a topic.

 Writing and drawing of figures activate both the psychomotor and visual faculties.

FOCUS: Enhanced by an Activity-based
Multi-domain Learning
 Learning by doing
  

Discovery approach Problem-solving Active, not passive, learning
In-school activity policy

Insights from Neurosciences
“Neurons that fire together are wired together.” “Neurons that fire out of sync, lose their link.”
- D. Hebb CVIF DLP: Writing the Activities activates both the psychomotor and visual faculties of the brain.

Jagna, Bohol 6308 Philippines

Name: _____________________________________ Year and Section: ___________________________ Please check the appropriate box.
Subject Religion/Values Ed. General Science Biology Type of Activity
Concept Notes Skills / Exercise / Drill

Grade/Score: ____________ Date: __________________

Chemistry Physics Math
Laboratory Report Drawing / Art

English Filipino Araling Panlipunan
Formal Theme Informal Theme

Others: _________

Activity Title: LearningTargets:
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