Dynamic Load Balancing Using Selective Borrowing

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Dynamic Load Balancing Using Selective Borrowing in Wireless Network. Mohammad Aghaz Khan M. Tech. Scholar Department of Computer Science Al-Falah School of Engineering & Technology, Faridabad. Jawed Ahmed Astt. Professor Department of Computer Science, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi Keywords : Efficiency, Channel allocation, Mobile communication, FCA, DCA, Resource flexibility, CBWL, LBSB Abstract The demand for mobile communication has been growing day by day. Resource flexibility is one of the most important issues in the coming generation of mobile communication. Radio frequency channels are a scarce resource and have to be reused as much as possible. Different techniques are required to increase the efficiency & flexibility of the network to deal with new services and to adopt the new traffic profiles and characteristics Many channel assignment schemes such as fixed channel assignment (FCA), dynamic channel assignment (DCA) and hybrid channel assignment (HCA) have been proposed to assign frequencies to cells with a goal to maximize the frequency reuse. In this paper, we make a review of the characteristics of various channel assignment specially dynamic (LBSB )schemes.

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