Dynamics Of Energy Drinks For Teens

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Dynamics of Energy Drinks for Teens Caffeine is a substance that almost everyone is familiar with, but not everyone knows what the real risks can be if not taken in moderation. Energy drinks are one of the many drinks that often contain caffeine. The caffeine in these drinks helps people gain more energy throughout the day and keeps them alert. Energy drinks have become very popular among teens over the past couple of years because of the targeted marketing companies have made towards younger people. What most teens do not know is that the consumption of all that caffeine that help them stay up and study or keep them active, can actually be dangerous. The excessive amount of caffeine in these energy drinks affect younger people far more severely than adults because they are not as tolerant to caffeine as adults. Not only are teens more affected by the caffeine, but one energy drink has almost three times as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Why are energy drinks so popular among teenagers and what are the real health risks? Energy drinks have become a major trend among teens and are drunk regularly by about 31% of teenagers (Pho). Energy drinks were first introduced in Japan in the 1960’s strictly as a source of energy (“History of Energy Drinks”). They then spread throughout Europe and Asia and weren’t brought into the United States until about 1997 (“Development of Energy Drinks”). At first the drinks were only accepted by athletes, but as people heard what they could

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