Dyslexia Chapter 4 Analysis

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Many people generalize Dyslexia to be just a reading problem, but it also affects yours ability to hear and manipulating words. This is interesting because I didn’t know that dyslexia could have effects on an individual's hearing. Dyslexia is diagnosed at a very young age, around eight or nine years old children are diagnosed with dyslexia. This is a sad fact that millions of children around the word get diagnosed with dyslexia every day and there isn’t much we can do to stop this. Chapter 4 was very mind provoking because it shows how we misinterpret advantages and disadvantages. Things that seem like a disadvantage or a weakness can actually be the opposite. A point which Gladwell continuously comes back to throughout the book.
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When the word desirable difficulty comes into mind I think for struggles and overcoming those struggles. By struggling you gain advantages, what is learned out of something that is necessary is more valuable than just learning it without struggling. In order to overcome that struggle you need to be a disagreeable person. Rather than following what others do and coloring in the lines you need to be independent and move outside the lines. Those who are disagreeable bring great change because they don’t follow the norm. If you’re not willing to break out the norm then there are little chances of discovering new ideas. Difficulties are made easier when you are a disagreeable person. “The responsible man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the word to himself. Therefor all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” You tend not to care about what society thinks for you or your ideas. You don’t follow the list of aspects that society has laid out for you, rather you go your own way. Gladwell explains how dyslexics are comfortable with failure. They have failed so many times and have struggled that when failure does happen it’s not alarming. You should be comfortable with failure and struggling. Failure and struggle help build you as an

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