E Commerce Is An Ever Developing Platform Of The Future Essay

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E-commerce is an ever developing platform of the future. Starting in 1995 E-commerce has come along way and has potential to grow exponentially. E-commerce is an opportunity for people to shop or sell from the comfort of their homes. E-commerce has the ways and the means to propel business to the next level. E-commerce is an easy way to market your ideas or items to consumers. You don’t need a lot of capital to start your own E-commerce business, for this reason, the younger generation enjoys the relatively elementary procedures to start their business. Starting an e-commerce site for my boss isn’t easy, having said that, you still need the same concepts of a regular business if you want to be successful in E-commerce. Some questions that need to be asked are: who are your targeted audience, what demographics come into play, and how will revenue be generated for your business? All points considered, there are steps you have to take before blindly starting your business. Below is the website I created for my boss to expand his business. My boss gave me full reigns on this one, so I decided to create a business to consumer, e-business model. I wanted to create a business to consumer since it will be the best e-business model suited for my boss and his unique business endeavor, after all I want to maximize profits. The reasons B2C made the cut was because selling directly to clients was more beneficial than selling directly to merchants. Business to consumer is the most
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