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e-Health, Negotiations and Change Introduction The advent of the internet has had a major impact on the healthcare industry in the last four decades. While the sophistication of PDAs, wireless systems and browser based technology is at the forefront of all healthcare entities considering implementation and/or expansion of their technology, there are no limits as to how far these will go. With all major financial decisions comes benchmarking for best practices, conflicts and negotiations. Internet Health, Conflict and Negotiation The twenty-first century continues to see a rise in the number of mergers in most industries including healthcare. Similarly, in our communities many smaller hospitals are joining forces and…show more content…
Unfortunately, the advancements in technology continue to far exceed the pace at which negotiations are undertaken. Health and Human Services: www.hospitalcompare.hhs.gov Hospital Compare is a valuable website for anyone who may require medical or specialty care. The website allows the consumer to compare various quality measures for acute care hospitals, general hospitals and critical access hospitals in a particular region, state or other locality. Unless you're well-versed in the healthcare lingo, the information could be very easily misunderstood. As for most educational material that should be written at an eight grade level or less, the language level on this website is at the eleventh grade level. This is not uncommon in materials that have medical terminology. In conducting a search within various zip codes I'm familiar with in my state, I was not surprised by the correlation of results and the reputation some facilities have within the area. While the comparison of data among various hospitals selected was interesting to view in chart form and the descriptors were simplistic enough, I do not believe the average consumer could draw any conclusions without assistance from a healthcare provider or professional. This is primarily true of areas noted to not have enough data for analysis. The hospital checklist located in the about section is quite

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