Health Care At Medicare Certified Hospitals

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The purpose of this paper is to explain what the website Hospital Compare is about. The paper will reveal the agencies that are behind the website and it will also give a little insight about how the information is chosen that is available to the public. Also, you will learn about Ohio Valley Medical Centers (OVMC) ratings and some areas of the medical center that could use a bit of improvement. This paper will also include some strategies that OVMC could use to help improve their ratings.
Introduction of Hospital Compare
Hospital Compare is a website that has information about the quality of care at Medicare-certified hospitals. It can be used to find and compare the quality of the care of the Medicare-certified hospital and the agency …show more content…

Ohio Valley Medical Center Hospital Results
The data collection period for OVMC is done quarterly and the last time that the data was collected was from April 1, 2015, through March 31, 2016. There were 556 surveys completed for Ohio Valley Medical Center (OVMC) and the survey response rate is 25%. I am surprised at this response rate because you would think that if somebody received exceptional care they would want to tell people about it. The same goes for people that did not receive exceptional care, you would think that they would let people know that the care that they received was awful. They also only received two out of five stars as their overall rating, which shows how unpopular this hospital is with the residents.
On average, OVMC ratings for all eleven categories is below the state and national average, which is surprising because my family and I have never had a bad experience at OVMC, but I have heard people talk bad about the hospital. OVMC also scored higher than the state average by one percent in the category the that shows that patients would refer OVMC to other people, which is not surprising because most people that I know would choose OVMC over the other hospitals in the area. The other area that surprised me was the category that patients would give the hospital a 9 or a 10 on a scale of 0 to 10, which the medical center had a 64% in. I thought that OVMC would have had a lower percentage in that category

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