MHAHRQ Website Evaluation

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The MONAHRQ website known for being an interactive web-based system that provides users with healthcare data, which converts into user-friendly information. It shows that it intends on making efforts on increasing the processes of efficiency in Washington and other state health care organizations, which creates different methods to collaborate proficiently with all other organizations and employees who contribute in public and private environments. It also supports methods that improve the delivery of quality care services within the organizations, which has a significant impact to improve the performance excellence of care through the ideal customer. Essentially, the website mission is to make the healthcare environment safer, higher …show more content…

In this case, this increases transparency in the market as it supports informed decision-making, which can help drive improvement that results in higher quality care, lower costs and more engaged patients. In addition, MONAHRQ has established partnerships with different organizations to provide customers with a system that has integrated the highest-quality of care in which ensures communities their required needs. The mission, vision, and values have a big role in hospitals working together with all of their patients to identify the health and well-being of every customer. Washington State hospitals and hospital systems also mainly focused on their customer evaluation and satisfaction values by respecting patients and their care, which helps them sustain a healthy and safe environment in a community that identifies with every individual patient.
In terms of avoidable hospital stays and service use, I found that better medical care within the hospitals results in better satisfactory by the patients and physicians, which means that patients must receive the best care and not be avoided. For example, the website helps me understand that if a primary care physician provides a diabetes patient with good quality care, then they may not need a hospital stay. This shows that not all hospital stays are avoidable, but they are preventable by providing the quality care they deserve. Another factor towards avoidable hospital stays may depend on where the patients live and

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