E-Trade Marketing Plan

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E-Trade Marketing Plan Organization Overview E-Trade is a financial institution dedicated to provide global financial services to individual and business organizations. E-trade does business under different brands such as E-Trade Financial, E-Trade Insurance, E-Trade Securities, and E-Trade Brokerage. Under E-Trade Financial, E-Trade provides different financial services to different retail investors, individual and business organizations. E-Trade also provides low cost financial solutions such as banking, lending, and investing. Under the E-Trade banking system, the company offers different banking services such as Checking account , Savings account and Money Market, and despite the banking services that E-trade offers for its customers, the company has not yet offered banking service to all categories of people in the United States. E-trade banking service only focuses on adult population in the United States, and the company has not yet introduced a banking service to students in the United States. To assist E-Trade bank to enjoy the full benefits of the banking system, the study suggests that E-trade bank should implement the student banking service to the overwhelming population of students in the United States. Marketing Plan Objective To implement the marketing plan for E-Trade student banking system. The major reason for chosen the student banking service for E-trade is that student population continues to be on the increase in the United States. The report

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