Early Childhood Behavioral Therapy Essay

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As ODD continues on through later childhood or into adolescence, behavioral therapy or a combination of behavioral intervention and medication is recommended (Childmind). One of the recommended evidence-based treatment is known as the parent-child interaction therapy. The parent works together with the child through a set of exercises while a therapist coaches parents through an ear bud. The goal of this therapy is for parents to learn how to increase positive interactions with the child and to set consistent consequences for behavior that is believed to be undesirable. For the children, they learn to rein in behavior and enjoy a more supportive relationship with parents. While there is not one specific medicine for ODD, because ODD typically occurs in concurrent with other conditions such as ADHD, psychostimulants used to treat this order helps to control responses which helps in the behavioral therapy aspect (Childmind). ODD is often diagnosed with the diagnosis of ADHD. Children with ODD often have simultaneous…show more content…
Zero to three is so important in early childhood intervention that even behavior disorders such as ODD should be tackled during this age of development. Risk factors for children with ODD should be identified in the mothers before, during, or shortly after pregnancy. Serious consequences of disruptive behavior disorders such as ODD can be prevented when interventions start during pregnancy and target multiple risk factors (Shaw The interaction between high infant difficulty and high conflict exposure is also consistent with the idea that children who are prone to dysregulation may be especially vulnerable to the effects of developing later symptoms of withdrawal, depression, or anxiety, all of which are indicative and linked in one way or another to ODD (Shaw
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