Early Childhood Into Adolescence : A Time Of Development And Change

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Early childhood into adolescence is a time of development and change. Whether it is biological or environmental, we are constantly shaped and influenced by our surroundings. Of those, we can attribute a vast majority of our behaviors, social skills, values and attributes to our parents. They are solely responsible for guiding and nurturing their offspring through their development in hopes that they will be model citizens. More common than not, however, divorce has become a common practice among couple who are not a right fit, splitting families into two distinct households and many children unsure of their new life. Divorce can be linked to a change children’s social skills through differences in gender, early maturation, and lasting effects into adulthood.
Couples who decide to divorce from one another often do so simply because of irreconcilable differences in their marriages. Those who have children may feel pressure to stay together and keep face for the sake of their young. Santrock questions whether or not parents should, in fact, stay married to suffice their children’s lives. The quality of parenting in an unhappy marriage is a key factor in breaking this issue apart. On one side, children may see unhealthy qualities of a relationship that may affect the way they view social relationships amongst their peers and later in their intimate relationships. On the other hand, some families find balances between handling things like income and housing and can make the newly…
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