Early Christian Life

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The Church was much different in the early days. There was strict discipline, an awareness of what it meant to be Christian and many other things which made the Church beautiful. Although the structure and teachings of the Church have remained the same, many attractive characteristics have been lost.. The Christian religion was not simply a domination that one belonged to. It was a lifestyle that one lived. It was a reason to live and it was a reason to die. Many, knowing that they would be rewarded after death, suffered horrible tortures and even death for their faith. The early Church had the joy of a young child. Like young children, the people of the Church proclaimed the good news to all. They told everyone that would hear them in places of the public such as in forums. Many, being made aware of the gospel and being confronted with people who had been living the life of a Christian, had a change of heart and were converted. All those who belonged to the Church knew the importance of helping one another reach their desired end, that is, Heaven. They would encourage each other and rejoice with another when they overcame some battle. It was especially joyful event when one was…show more content…
Preparation for certain events, such as baptism, required the act of fasting, Sins required heavy penances for reparation, and people were required to help those in need. One might believe that these rules were too strict. To understand the necessity for strict regulations a person may look at the example of a child. Often when a household has lax rules, the children become negligent of their duties and lose the importance of doing things such as doing the laundry. Again, when the rules are strict, one often sees the opposite happen. The children seem careless of their duties at the same time they know the consequences of not doing certain chores around the house. In other words, order seems more vulnerable when discipline is not
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