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What is early contractor procurement?
Early Contractor Procurement is a way to get the contractor involved before the construction phase begins, (Mosey, 2011). The idea of this is to make use of the contractor and their knowledge and understanding of the construction industry. This means fewer disputes over design issues.
When the client has invested time and money into design, and the contractor isn’t involved, and then is expected to complete all the work, it is likely for there to be disputes but the client would be missing out on the contractor’s ideas on how to save on costs. So is partnering up early on and getting to know the job, the client and its goals the right way to go?
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Main contractors, subcontractors and suppliers join the project team as early as possible and participate in appropriate stages of

Design review and specialist design contributions, including added value proposals n issues such as sustainability;
Risk management and value engineering to reduce costs;
Price finalisation through second-tier tenders or supplemental works package business cases;
Construction phase programming, to establish deadlines for the key deliverables of all parties; (Mosey, 2011).
What is wrong with single-stage tendering?
Single stage tendering prices are based on incomplete information. That the client has to understand and take into consideration when looking into the risk of the project. This creates a false sense of security and a situation where both parties are looking to pick holes in the design work. Robert Smith calls it ‘legalised gambling’ as the attractive apparent cost is balanced with the sureness with transfer of risk (Smith, 1995) page 44, cited in (Mosey, 2011).
The single stage approach also excludes the contractor, its subcontractors and suppliers from everything pre-construction phase, meaning that they cannot contribute towards ways of saving costs. So there is little that the client can do to make these changes as they didn’t have this initial communication (Mosey,

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