Economic Factors Of Cable Bahamas Ltd Essay

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Economic factors are variables that influence a company 's capacity to successfully do business. They may be helpful or harmful, and the same factor can have either a positive or negative impact depending on its current status or the type of business it is affecting. Although economic factors create the climate in which a business operates, the success or failure of any company also strongly depends on its own resourcefulness and ability to adapt to these external economic factors.
Cable Bahamas Ltd. is the most technologically advanced, broadband provider today. The company has been providing cable television services in The Bahamas since March 1995, and Internet services since March of 2000. Cable Bahamas operates one of the most technically advanced cable television systems in the world and is the only provider of cable television in The Bahamas. Through their extensive use of fibre optics, our system 's flexibility and potential for growth is virtually unlimited. We are one of few systems in North America, that has a fully functional two-way cable TV system, enabling interactive cable TV and high-speed data services. Our use of addressable taps is unique and significantly reduces operating costs. The management team of the company collectively has over 100 years of International engineering, fibre optic and cable television technology experience. Cable Bahamas ' Future Is Built On Four Key Resources:
- A high capacity, fibre-rich network throughout all the major

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