Education In Special Education

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Special education is student centered where the needs of the student come before the disability of the student. Special education teachers create their classroom and instruction based on who their students are and what services they need in order to be successful in their learning. Merriam-Webster (2015) defines special education as classrooms and instruction designed for students with special needs. Special education is a service provided by public schools to students who require additional support through specialized instruction, class materials, and/or changes in their learning environment in order for them to meet their learning objectives.
Special education teachers maintain challenging expectations for individuals with exceptionalities to develop the highest possible learning outcomes and quality of life potential in ways that respect their dignity, culture, language, and background. Special education allows students to receive personalized instruction in their least restrictive learning environment to their specific needs based on their disabilities. Students with disabilities who receive their education through special education services are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to become successful in their future education or careers after high school. Teaching students who require additional support due to their disabilities in order to learn the general curriculum involve teachers to facilitate differentiation instruction throughout the classroom.
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