Education : My Philosophy Of Education As A Teacher

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How does a good teacher be awarded such a title? What exactly defines a good teacher? Did they not give homework on Fridays or were they the one who helped you finally understand calculus? Either way, they most likely exhibited a complex understanding of the pedagogical competencies along with a development of their own. They had a clear understanding of what their wanted to accomplish, defined their style, and can intertwine static and dynamic content. They also learned how to effectively communicate, while also working to perfect their skills. The competencies are the backbone to an effective style of teaching.
Purpose refers to the goal that the teacher wishes to accomplish through their teachings. This includes their attitude they accompany the lessons with, as well as their style with each lesson. This first competency is very important, in any profession you must question why you want to accomplish it. A lawyer may want to provide justice to those who break the law or a doctor might want to change the world through development of new treatments for different diseases. An educator is no different, so early reflection of why someone chooses education as a career will aid in their development as a teacher. My belief is students in our schools are future leaders and are looking to be inspired, making the classroom the perfect environment. My other philosophy is something that is very prevalent in today's society, the notion of acceptance. Although there is a curriculum to
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