My Philosophy of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education

One characteristic of a good teacher is a sound philosophy of education. This will ensure the readiness of the teacher in the classroom setting. The philosophy should be thought out with care and contain concrete ideas concerning several aspects of education. My philosophy of education contains my view about: the nature of students, the nature of knowledge, the purpose of public education, teaching methods, and curriculum. People have many different views about the nature of students. Like Rousseau, I feel that students are neither good nor evil. The situations they encounter in their everyday lives shape the way they behave and the person they become. The nature of students isn’t always shaped by
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Again, students can choose to use any experience to their advantage. Teachers have the ability to take the intelligence presented by each child and shape it into something special. Intelligence is valuable and should be enhanced whenever an opportunity presents itself.

To a certain extent, I agree with Socrates and Plato’s philosophy of education.
I think that intelligence is shaped into different levels. Students should be placed in a situation where they will benefit the most. I feel that students possess the same intelligence, however, I also believe that it develops at different rates. For optimum success, students should be place in a setting where the other students are developing at the same rate.

I also agree with Plato and Socrates’ belief about the nature of knowledge. The nature of knowledge is absolute. I feel that the student has to discover it, and it is the teacher’s job to present the material in such a manner that the student desires to discover the knowledge available from the teacher. Absolute knowledge remains constant throughout place and time. Reason will find truth.

Education serves several purposes in our society. Education prepares youth for their place in society. Many times, it is the responsibility of educators to instill values in their pupils. This becomes the case when parents feel that beliefs should be learned at school rather than at
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